"It would be hard to imagine a candidate more qualified than Rivera."                       The Oakland Tribune


Higher Standards

    Higher Expectations

Higher Achievement

     Elect                         Joaquín Rivera
                                                   Alameda County Board of Education


Dear Friend,
Improving our educational system must be the top priority for our society.  We need effective, dedicated and experienced School Board members who will make this a reality--board members that are committed to the institution of public education--to inspire our children and to build a better future for ALL of them.  That is why I am running for the Alameda County Board of Education.

I bring a strong record of advocacy for students, teachers, and the institution of public education.  I served on the Berkeley School Board for twelve years (1996-2008).  As a Board member, I represented the school districts in Alameda County on the California Schools Board Association Delegate Assembly for 10 years and had the opportunity to serve on many statewide committees.  In addition, I have 20 years of everyday experiences in the classroom as a community college chemistry professor.  During my tenure as a professor I have served as President of the Academic Senate, President and Chief Negotiator of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 1493 and Vice-President of the California Federation of Teachers.

Education has always been especially valued in my family.  Both of my parents were public school teachers.  They taught me the value of a good education and this is a lesson that I have always kept close to my heart and which has served as an inspiration in my life.

As a County Board member I’ll be a strong advocate in Sacramento to oppose the budget cuts that threaten our children’s future and to secure adequate resources for our schools.  One of my goals is to serve as a link between the school board members in our area and the County Office of Education to make sure that our school districts receive the services they need in areas such as special education, adequate placement for expelled students, training, etc. Some of my other goals include to: provide coordination and collaboration among school districts on critical education initiatives and to leverage resources; expand academic opportunities in county and court schools; and to secure and expand federal and state resources for our schools through grant writing.

My professional life has been devoted to serving education and that will continue as your representative on the Board.


Joaquin J. Rivera